Monday, May 28, 2012

Version 2.1

Midnight Mars Browser version 2.1 is now available on the Google Code downloads page. I am sort of forced into doing this update since Apple's iDisk is being discontinued toward the end of June, 2012, and Midnight Mars Browser previously downloaded its metadata updates from iDisk. The packaged metadata I put on the web is what allows the MMB Panorama feature to work, amongst other things. To keep getting new metadata, you'll need this new version of the program.

Please note that the Software Update feature built into MMB won't work to download this update; you'll need to download the zip file for version 2.1, unzip it and put it wherever you're keeping the program now. It would be wise to keep your older version of MMB around until you're satisfied that this new version works. Rename your old MMB application folder to "MidnightMarsBrowser_old" or something like that.

Midnight Mars Browser is now over seven years old and written in a language and development environment I no longer use; I mainly write iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac apps now. I know MMB is not a user-friendly program by modern standards, but since I still use it myself, I keep updating the metadata. Spirit rover has passed away, but Opportunity is still alive and making perhaps her most important discoveries to date. Roll on! And of course, Curiosity is on the way...