Thursday, April 28, 2005


Unfortunately MMB development is having to take a back seat to life and work in the "real world" right now. In other words, I'm way too busy, so no version 1.1 for awhile. Since I currently have no idea when or if I'm going to be able to get back to serious MMB development, I'm probably going to release a version 1.0.7 pretty soon with the features that have been completed so far. This would at least include the Image Info window and the expanded Slideshow Criteria dialog.

In MER news, Opportunity seems to have gotten bogged down in a little sand dune. The pictures look pretty alarming, but according to Steve Squyres' latest Mission Update (big kudos to him for doing these, by the way), they're not too worried just yet. Just what this means for Oppy's travel plans remains to be seen. It's certainly exciting, though! I mean, we're sending a rover travelling across the surface of another planet, for crying out loud: it's not always going to be easy.