Sunday, May 29, 2005

Version 1.1.1

Here are the new features in Midnight Mars Browser version 1.1.1:

- Select which cameras' images to update in Advanced Update Images.

- The new "Fast Update (new images only)" option in Advanced Update Images downloads only images that aren't present locally, so the update doesn't have to check if the image on the server is newer than the local version. This can result in a speedy update, at the cost of missing any existing images that need to be updated to a newer version.

- New image selection options in the Edit menu allow you to select individual images within the image criteria to display within a Slideshow. This will be used to support some functionality later (specifically, adjusting the anaglyph settings on a selection of images). "Limit to Selected Images" in the Navigate menu causes the Slideshow to display only the selected images within the image criteria. "Show All Images Matching Criteria" causes the Slideshow to display all images within the image criteria; selected images are indicated in the title bar with "[selected]".

Click on "Download Page" on the right to download the new version.