Monday, August 15, 2005

Version 1.2.5

Version 1.2.4 had a couple "problems", such as the panoramas not showing up in the panorama dialog for new users, and the home directory selection option not working. Version 1.2.5 should fix all of that. If you downloaded version 1.2.4, please upgrade to version 1.2.5 right away. Now let us never speak of it again.

Here, again, is what changed for Version 1.2.4:

- Midnight Mars Browser home directory is now configurable in Preferences. Preferences are now stored in the file in the user directory, or in {user directory}/Library/Preferences on Mac OS X.

- Status displayed in title bar while panoramas are loading.

- Faster updates: eliminated unneccesary file checks, particularly for metadata.

- Fast reloading of panorama list when panorama criteria is changed.

- Panorama Screenshot feature (under File -> Advanced).

- Must enter Panorama Edit Mode (under File -> Advanced) before allowed to edit panoramas.

- Panorama full resolution mode loads navcam images first at full 1024x1024 resolution, then pancam images, until out of memory.

- Donation, software update reminder dialogs.

- Increased maximum memory allocation for the JVM from 128M to 192M.

- Changed "Check for New Images" button in main window to "Update Now"; now does an update same as Auto Update.

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