Monday, October 03, 2005


Don't know if I'll continue the Image of the Day page... odds are, probably not. It's time consuming, and reaction has been underwhelming (listen and you can hear the crickets chirping...) Instead, maybe I'll just post updates here on what's going on. If you actually want to see rover panoramas, you can see them better in Midnight Mars Browser than looking at any screenshot. That's what MMB is for. If you want downloadable jpeg panoramas rather than virtual reality, check out

The Opportunity Sol 592-596 pan seems to be complete (Erebus from South Shetland). The L7 images of Spirit's "Everest Pan", a full 360 degree pan from the true summit of Husband Hill, appear to be mostly down; more false color will follow soon, probably.

Opportunity's Sol 601 navcam pan and pancam images are down. There are some drifts immediately west; I'll be interested to see if Oppy goes over them or around them.

(When I mention images are "down", I generally mean both that they have shown up on one of the raw images pages and that I have incorporated them into the Midnight Mars Browser metadata for VR panoramas.)