Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Version 2.0 Development Release 7

I've posted the latest and greatest... If you are already using MMB 2.0 dev5 or later, you can just choose Help -> Update Software (be sure to let it run... it should have a progress indicator but does not yet). Otherwise, here.

Important note: You will need to update to this latest version for the panorama feature to work correctly. This is because the metadata has changed to support the latest features (namely, the rover motion counter 'overflow' issue is finally fixed for panorama mode - you're welcome).

A lot of work went into streamlining the panorama feature in this release. I think it now officially kicks the stuffing out of 1.x's panorama feature.

Finally: there are literally dozens of items left on the To-Do List, but work on it will probably slow down considerably over the summer.