Sunday, July 17, 2005

First Post-270 Panorama

Originally uploaded by marscat.
This weekend's work on the Midnight Mars Browser software has been adding the ability to create panoramas manually. The panorama shown is from Opportunity Sol 516. Purgatory Dune, where the rover was dug in for a month, is visible in the background. A couple other views of the panorama are available if you click through the link. This is the first post-Sol 270 panorama to be created in Midnight Mars Browser; the detailed image data (including camera pointing information) for Sols 270 on has not been released yet, so a manual panorama creation feature is needed to create pans for recent sols such as this one.

The panorama is available for Midnight Mars Browser 1.2 through the latest Metadata Update. The panorama title is "Sol 516 (test)".

Unfortunately I didn't have time to polish up the panorama creation feature enough to release it this weekend, but maybe next weekend. In the meantime some panorama definitions for recent sols could appear through Metadata Update this week, depending on how things go.