Monday, September 19, 2005

New Movies

The movies page has been updated:

Spirit Sol 605 Navigation (Quicktime 945K) shows the Navcam navigation images as Spirit drove up to the summit drift; a nice little dust devil can be seen on the plains in the background. This movie gives a sense of how slowly the rover was actually moving: the images here are displayed one per second, but they were actually taken once every two or three minutes.

Spirit Sol 605 Forward Hazcam shows the Forward Hazcam images as Spirit scuffs the drift and looks at it with instruments on the IDD arm.

My favorite, Opportunity Purgatory to Erebus Navigation (Quicktime 7.84MB) shows Opportunity's navigation images as it drives away from Purgatory Dune and heads south, then east, then south on its way to Erebus Crater. This movie is large, and it will also have to be updated as time goes by: Opportunity hasn't arrived at Erebus yet, and probably more navigation images have been taken but haven't been downloaded to Earth.

UPDATE Added one more: Spirit Hazcam from Larry's Lookout to Husband Hill Summit (Quicktime 18.4MB) documents Spirit's trek from Larry's Lookout (or therabouts) around Husband Hill and up to the summit, from Sol 503 to 583. The movie includes both forward and rear hazcam images since the rover sometimes drives forwards and sometimes backwards.