Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spirit Sol 600 - Rover Crossing

Spirit Sol 600 - Rover Crossing
Spirit took these navcam images of her own tracks on Sol 600.

Spirit Sol 600 - Back Up the Hill
This is the Pancam view back up the short distance to the summit. (The reports suggest that we're still on the summit, but obviously we're not at the very top at the moment.)

Unfortunately both the Exploratorium and JPL raw image sites seem to be having problems right now. On the JPL site, currently all of the Spirit sols and raw images are marked as new. This is a problem for MMB, as with all the sols marked as new, the program will try to update all of the images on an auto-update. That's a lot of images - 58,984 to be exact, according to the JPL site. I'm afraid the best thing to do at the moment is turn auto-update off until somebody fixes the JPL raw image site. I'll post a message here whenever it seems that that's happened.

On Exploratorium, I noticed that the Spirit Sol 600 images that made it to the JPL site have not been posted there. This probably means that Exploratorium is not able to retrieve images from JPL at the moment. So I'd guess manually updating from Exploratorium won't work either, for awhile. I downloaded these Spirit Sol 600 images in MMB by selecting "Advanced Update Images" and choosing to download images from Spirit Sol 600 from JPL.

I hope this will get cleared up soon and we'll see new images (and only new images) coming down.

P.S. I have finally update the Sol Info metadata, bringing it up to date. I'll try to keep this updated from now on. I also uploaded a few new Spirit navcam pans, slowly working my way back to Sol 360. (Sol 360 is currently the latest sol for which the image data is available on the PDS. After Sol 360, all the MMB pans have to be figured out by adjusting the images manually until they line up.)